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These pages are a source of further information and guidance on specific topic areas relating to crime and policing. When you click on a topic area you will be redirected to a briefing page which may contain links to other websites who can provide more specialised information. All the links provided will be to reputable organisations.

Drugs Policy - November 2020

It is estimated that the North Wales drugs market receives £32million every year, resulting in the exploitation of many vulnerable people. Children are coerced in to drug dealing and sexual exploitation, people with drug addictions are manipulated and abused, families are destroyed; compliance is ensured with threats of serious violence.

The recommendations outlined within the Police & Crime Commissioner's Drug Policy are:

  1. Diversionary Methods
  2. Naloxone Provision
  3. Heroin Assisted Treatment
  4. Drug Testing – Festivals and Night Time Economy
  5. Drug Consumption Rooms