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Contact Police

If you wish to contact the Police please telephone '101' or 0300 330 0101. If you wish to contact your local neighbourhood policing team click here or telephone 0300 330 0101.

WarningIn an emergency, where you require police assistance, please dial 999.

Learn more about 101, including the cost - click here to view detail

If you are Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or speech impaired and unable to contact North Wales Police by voice telephone you can contact the Police via Text Relay, Minicom or fax.

Text Relay: 18000 for Emergency calls and 18001 + 0300 330 0101 for non emergency calls

Minicom: 01745 535612


Crimestoppers is a charity and is independent of the police and the government. The Crimestoppers number, 0800 555 111, lets people tell the police about crime without having to leave their name or other details.

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