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Commissioner's Views 2016

The Commissioner's views on:-

County Lines

County Lines is when criminal gangs from big cities across the UK use violence and intimidation to expand their drug network within their region, and into suburban areas, such as market and coastal towns across the country. They exploit young people and vulnerable adults to move and sell the drugs and 'cuckoo' the homes of vulnerable or drug-addicted people, taking them over and using their property as a drugs base.

The Commissioner would like you to watch this video as it will explain more about county lines.

Article from Transform Drug Policy Foundation regarding - "'County Lines' Drug Supply - Exploiting the Young and Vulnerable; Enriching Organised Crime". 


The Commission on Justice in Wales (the Commission) has been established by the First Minister of Wales to review the operation of the justice system in Wales and set a long term vision for its future, with a view to:

  • Promoting better outcomes in terms of access to justice, reducing crime and promoting rehabilitation.
  • Ensuring the jurisdictional arrangements and legal education address and reflect the role of justice in the governance and prosperity of  Wales as well as distinct issues that arise in Wales.
  • Promoting the strength and sustainability of the Welsh legal services sector and maximising its contribution to the prosperity of Wales.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has prepared a submission in response to the call for evidence from the First Minister of Wales.


Costs of his office

As Police and Crime Commissioner for north Wales, I am aware that the costs of my office are of interest to many residents.  Therefore, I asked my Chief Finance Officer to compare the costs of my office with other similar Offices of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCCs)..... read more


Regulating Cannabis for Medical Use in the UK

I believe that cannabis, currently a class B controlled drug, should be legal for medicinal more

Parliamentary Research Paper - Medical Use of Cannabis


Challenges faced by the Police Service and North Wales Police


Joint letter sent by the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable of  North Wales regarding the challenges faced by the police service across the UK and within North Wales. 

Copy of the letter can be found ... Challenges Faced by Police Service and NWP



Public Protection, Risk and Policing

This document provides a very interesting read, it's a research document by Dr Francesca Menichelli about "What do we want to be protected from?"

Freedom Restrained? Public Protection, Risk and Policing





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