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HMIC Inspections

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) independently assesses police forces and policing activity in the public interest – ranging from neighbourhood teams, to serious crime and the fight against terrorism. For more information about the HMIC, go to

All HMIC reports relating to north Wales are listed below.

Fraud - Time to Choose 2019

The HMICFRS National Inspection of Fraud: Time to choose highlighted that there is an inconsistent approach in tackling fraud
across England and Wales. North Wales Police were not one of the chosen forces inspected and have already completed the one recommendation of publishing a fraud policy.

Commissioners Response 

Policing and Mental Health – Picking up the pieces 2019

I am pleased that the inspectorate has recognised the unnecessary demand placed on police forces due to the failure of other services. Those who are in crisis should be cared for by health professionals and not by the police. I agree that there needs to be a radical rethink to guarantee a timely expert response from the health service.

Commissioner's Response

PEEL Legitimacy 2017

PEEL Legitimacy 2017 looked at the extent to which:

  • forces treat people with fairness and respect;
  • they ensure their workforces act ethically and lawfully; and
  • those workforces feel they have been treated with fairness and respect by the forces.

Commissioner's Response

PEEL Efficiency 2017

The PEEL Efficiency inspection 2017:

  • examined how well the force understood the demand for their service, how well they match their resources to that demand, and how well they are planning to meet future demand; and
  • provides an assessment of their efficiency.

Commissioner's Response

Crime Data Integrity 2017

The Crime Data Integrity report 2017 found that the force:

  • achieves high levels of recording accuracy for reported sexual offences;
  • has made good progress in its procedures in respect of the cancellation of recorded crimes;
  • has worked hard in bringing about improvements in the knowledge and understanding of the crime-recording requirements for modern day slavery crimes among officers and staff;
  • has implemented all of the recommendations set out in our 2014 report; and
  • has made good progress against a national action plan developed to improve crime recording by police forces.

Commissioner's response

PEEL - Police Legitimacy 2016

HMIC defines a legitimate force as one whose staff and officers are seen by the public consistently to behave fairly, ethically and within the law. It seeks to identify and resolve issues relating to fair and respectful treatment by the police.

Within this inspection HMIC looked at:

  • the extent to which forces treat people with fairness and respect;
  • the extent to which they ensure their workforces act ethically and lawfully; and
  • the extent to which those workforces themselves feel they have been treated with fairness and respect by the forces.

Commissioner's Response

PEEL - Police efficiency 2016

HMIC inspected North Wales Police on its efficiency by examining how well it understands the demand for its service and how well it
matches its resources to that demand. North Wales Police has been assessed as good in respect of the efficiency with which it keeps people safe and reduces crime. It recognises the importance of having a better understanding of current demand for its services so that its resources can be used efficiently to prioritise and respond to demand

Commissioner's response



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