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Strategic Executive Board

Through the Strategic Executive Board (the Board), the Commissioner scrutinises performance against the Police and Crime Plan, monitors policing performance and the policing budget.  The Board is the decision making forum for the Police and Crime Commissioner and, where appropriate, in consultation with the Chief Constable. 

The Board is chaired by the Commissioner and members include the Deputy Commissioner, the Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable, the Assistant Chief Constable, the Director of Finance and Resources of the police force and the Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer of the Commissioner’s office.

The full terms of reference for the board can be accessed here


Strategic Executive Board Minutes

2020                                                        201920182017
  21st January                                              31 January 2019
17 April 2018
16 February 2017
  26th May                                                    12 April 2019
 26 July 2018
23 May 2017
  21st July   - Canx                                      25 July 2019
 17 October 2018
17 August 2017
  14th October                                           12th November 2019
15 November 2017



Through the quarterly meetings held with the Deputy Chief Constable and Professional Standards Department the Police and Crime Commissioner scrutinises the manner in which complaints and misconduct allegations are dealt with by NWP. 


Victim Help Centre Governance Board

Through the Victim Help Centre Governance Board the Commissioner will scrutinise the performance of the Victim Help Centre against the key performance indicators and the victim feedback survey results.

The Board is chaired by the Chief Executive and members include the Assistant Chief Constable, Head of the Force's Administration of Justice, Head of the Force's Protecting Vulnerable People Unit, Victim Help Centre Manager and representatives from the Independent Advisory Group and others.

Full terms of reference of Board can be seen here.


Scrutiny Panel of Out of Court Disposals

Out of Courts Disposals are independently assessed and scrutinised by the North Wales Scrutiny Panel.   The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is represented on the Scrutiny Panel along with Magistrates’ Bench Chairs, representatives from Youth Offending Teams, North Wales Probation Trust, Crown Prosecution Service, Victim Support, Force’s Administration of Justice Department and Local Policing Service.

The panel can make recommendations, feedback on individual cases to officers, communicate findings, promote best practice and identify potential policy development or training needs for consideration by the force or other agency involved. The panel cannot change the original outcome of a case and all personal information is removed prior to scrutiny.

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