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Expression of Interest - VAWDASV Indicative Additional Revenue Funding (Shortfall)


Following our previous announcement for the additional (one-off) revenue funding for the remainder of the 20/21 financial year, the North Wales Regional Partnership have a shortfall of £67,829.00.That we are hoping to allocate to providers across the region who can identify needs for their service in which this funding can be utilised.

The OPCC and VAWDASV team are welcoming further business cases for this funding that will need to be used in full before the end of March 2021.  This funding will not be used to fund pilot schemes unless the pilot will be taken forward 20/21. It is asked that there is also an exit strategy of sustainability planning in place for when the funding has been exhausted.

Please note that the following training will be co-ordinated centrally by Welsh Government and further details will follow shortly:

  • IDVA training
  • Perpetrator Training
  • Sexual Violence Training (not including the list of sexual violence training below)
  • Children & Young People expert training
  • Enhanced working with LGBT clients training
  • Expert training for VAWDASV practitioners working with older people
  • Honour Based Abuse specialist training

There may be specific training that you, as a region, identify as being required, including but not limited to:

  • Vicarious trauma
  • Working with sexual violence
  • Trauma informed practices
  • Female perpetrators of sexual abuse
  • Working with males who have been sexually abused
  • Sexual violence
  • Sexual violence and the criminal justice process
  • Sexual offending

 Providers are asked to complete the attached business case by close of play on Friday, 30th October. It is asked that all submissions are return to myself ( decision making panel will be meeting on Wednesday, 4th November and therefore any submissions following the 30th October 2020 will not be considered.

 If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the team.


Funding to support the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) North Wales 


Following a successful expression of interest to the Ministry of Justice Rape Support Fund the Police and Crime Commissioner, Arfon Jones has been successful in securing an additional £76,824.00 to fund a full time Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) for the next 2 years.  Since 2014 the North Wales PCC and more recently in partnership with the North Wales VAWDASV Board the Adult ISVA  has been developed to provide a regional response across 6 counties supporting victims at a location convenient to their local area.  This specialist tailored support to victims and survivors of sexual violence is based at the Amethyst Centre, in Colwyn Bay and is a multi –partnership between the Health Board, North Wales Police and Third Sector agencies. The aim of this service is to enable victims of sexual assaults to receive a seamless support service not conditional on a positive charging decision or dependent on the age of a victim, supporting them to cope and recover from such devastating crimes.

This support will enable the SARC to work on clearing existing caseloads which have increased due to demands with courts closing and a number of clients with severe mental health issues due to the impact of COV 19. It will also provide increased resilience to the team during this pandemic.  The work that is provided by this service will ensure victims are supported before, during and after criminal and civil court proceedings and ensuring that the victims’ rights are met.


Ministry of Justice Covid - 19 Extraordinary Funding 


In partnership with the Ministry of Justice, Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones is pleased to announce that £238,000 has been allocated to 7 specialist services across North Wales to help support victims of Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse during COVID 19.

The 7 successful services have adapted their provision in line with the government guidelines and ensured that they continue to deliver support to victims of domestic and sexual abuse. This additional funding recognises those efforts and will provides reassurance to services over the longer term to continue to support victims and survivors.

The specialist services were chosen by a commissioning panel including representatives from VAWDASV, Supporting People and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure there was a transparent process and extensive scrutiny. The successful applicants will receive a contribution towards the delivery of services from the 24th March to 31st October 2020.

The funding allocation was part of an overall £25 million Covid – 19 extraordinary funding package from the Home Office to support charities across England and Wales who help vulnerable people including victims of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence during the pandemic.

The document below provides information on the grant awarded and what services have been commissioned. Grants are awarded at the start of the financial year; all payments made can be viewed here.

All organisations VAWDASV awarded grants are provided the same Grant terms and conditions.



Violence Against Women Domestic Abuse Sexual Violence (VAWDASV)


Following a proposal at the North Wales Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Violence (VAWDASV) Board it was agreed the North Wales Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner would be the accountable body (Regional Banker) for the Welsh Government VAWDASV Grant. The VAWDASV grant was previously paid directly to Local Authorities and it has been amalgamated into one pot to protect IDVA,ISVA, CSA and perpetrator programmes across the six local authorities.

The document below provides information on the grant awarded during 2020/21 and what services have been commissioned. Grants are awarded at the start of the financial year; all payments made can be viewed here.

During 20/21 the VAWDASV provided further Emergency COVID 19 Funding to support victims of Domestic and Sexual Abuse. The additional funding supported disbursed units and additional activities within refuges during COVID19. The additional funding has also supported some of our current funded services to support counsellors with regards to enabling them to have IT facilities in order to deliver counselling services remotely.

The document below provides information on the grant awarded during 2020/21 and what services have been commissioned. Grants are awarded at the start of the financial year; all payments made can be viewed here.

In addition, funding has been secured from VAWDASV to support training needs across the region. The below document provides information on the grant awarded and the services commissioned.

All organisations VAWDASV awarded grants are provided the same Grant terms and conditions.



Prevention in Focus


Prevention In Focus includes submissions from 15 cross-party PCCs who are making a real difference through their leadership, commissioning and partnership work. Innovative projects include working with women offenders; an award-winning Community Peer Mentor Service; a Safe Schools and Communities Team project; a Young Victims of Crime Service; Adverse Childhood Experiences projects; as well as various Sport-based intervention schemes.

For information on how the Police and Crime Commissioner in North Wales has made a difference, click here



Grants awarded for the reduction of Crime and Disorder

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 enables the Commissioner to award grants to partners, public organisations or voluntary groups that can support the community safety priorities identified in his Police and Crime Plan.The Commissioning Framework explains the Commissioner's objectives and overall vision of the commissioning service.

The documents below provides information on the grants awarded in the last three financial years and what services have been commissioned. Grants are awarded at the start of the financial year, all payments made can be viewed here.

All organisations awarded grants for the redcution of crime and disroder are provided with the same Grant terms and conditions.


Grants awarded for services to support Victims

The Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act 2011 further charges the Commissioner to commission local services to help victims, or witnesses of, or other persons affected by, criminal offences and anti-social behaviour.

A Needs Assessment for the development of Victim Services in North Wales was carried out to aid the Commissioner's decision.

All organisations awarded grants for the support of victims are provided with the same Grant Terms and Conditions


Hate Crime Awareness Grant


The Police and Crime Commissioner receives a grant from Welsh Government to be spend on Hate Crime Awareness Week, see below how the money was spent in North Wales.


Your Community, Your Choice (Participatory Budgeting)

"Your Community, Your Choice" is one of the Commissioner's initiatives to return money seized from offenders back to the community.

Money recovered through the Proceeds of Crime Act and from the Police and Crime Commissioner is donated to community projects in North Wales.

Your Community, Your Choice is also supported by PACT (Police and Community Trust), North Wales.



Social Value


North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner (and North Wales Police) hopes that embedding Social Value into our commissioning and procurement processes will bring significant benefit to North Wales and its residents by delivering a social return, wherever possible, on every pound we spend.
Social Value Policy

Social Value Charter
Social Value Guidance Document

PCC NWP Annual social value report 2016-17

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