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Oath of Office

After an election, the Police and Crime Commissioner must swear an oath of office before they can take up the role (if they don't take the oath within a set period, new elections must be held).

The wording of the oath is set in law by the The Police and Crime Commissioner Elections (Declaration of Acceptance of Office) Order 2012.

The wording of the oath is as follows:

"I Owain Arfon Jones do hereby declare that I accept the office of Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales.

In making this declaration, I solemnly and sincerely promise that during my term of office:

I will serve all the people of the North Wales in the office of Police and Crime Commissioner.

I will act with integrity and diligence in my role and, to the best of my ability, will execute the duties of my office to ensure that the police are able to cut crime and protect the public.

I will give a voice to the public, especially victims of crime, and work with other services to ensure the safety of the community and effective criminal justice.

I will take all steps within my power to ensure transparency of my decisions, so that I may be properly held to account by the public.

I will not interfere with the operational independence of police officers."

Following the election on 5 May 2016, Owain Arfon Jones took the oath on 8 May 2016.





Police and Crime Commissioner's Election - 5th May 2016

The second election for Police and Crime Commissioners in Wales and England was held on 5th May 2016.

The Supplementary Vote system was used for this election.  This means that the voters mark their first choice and they may also mark their second choice. Voters mark one 'X' in each column, although voters are not required to make a second choice if they do not wish to. If a second choice was not made, the paper during the second count would be treated as a ‘spoilt’ ballot paper but the first choice would have been counted.  This has accounted for the high number of spoilt ballot papers across the country.

The successful candidate in North Wales was Arfon Jones, from Gwersyllt, Wrexham who received 67,179 following the first count and then another 23,049 following the second count, amounting to a total of 90,228 votes.

Mr Arfon Jones will take office as the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales on Thursday 12th May, 2016




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