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Collaboration in England and Wales

The Police and Crime Commissioner has entered into the following collaboration agreements with the PCCs and Chief Constables of all geographic forces within England and Wales.

1. Establishment of the National Police Chiefs Council - April 2015

2. Delivery of the ACRO Criminal Records Office – August 2016

3.A Collaboration Agreement – for the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) March 2017

4. National Police Air Service

5. National Police Collaboration Agreement Relating to the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NAVCIS) / the National
Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) and the National Police Freedom of Information and Data Protection Unit (NPFDU) under Section 22A of the Police Act 1996 December 2017

6.Single Online Home. Establishment of a national platform for the delivery of a range of online services. The Section 22A Agreement under the Police Act 1996 (as amended) is made with 43 English and Welsh Home Office police forces, BTP, NCA and CNC”.

7.The Police Forces in England and Wales have agreed to collaborate with each other in relation to the extension and running of the Modern Slavery Police Transformation Programme which shall support them to improve their responses to Modern Slavery Teams. January 2020.

8. Regional Forensics Section 22A Collaboration Agreement with Cheshire Constabulary, Cumbria Constabulary, Lancashire Constabulary, Merseyside Police and North Wales Police to include Drugs Testing, Footwear, Firearms, Toxicology and Forensics Courier Service

9. The Forensic Collison Investigation Network (FCIN) Section 22A Agreement for the formal establishment of the Forensic Collison Investigation Network for all forces in England and Wales

This collaboration agreement has been signed by the Chief Constables and Policing Bodies of all the forces in England and Wales.

The objective of the arrangement is for all forces in England and Wales to achieve UKAS accreditation in forensic collision investigation by October 2023 and thereafter to maintain UKAS accreditation under the umbrella of the North Wales Police FCIN Management Team delivering accredited forensic collision investigation. 

The policing bodies are responsible for governance, strategy, holding relevant Chief Officers to account, financial arrangements and resolving disputes arising from the collaboration.   The Chief Officers are responsible for advising the Policing Bodies on operational considerations to be accommodated in the strategy, monitoring and efficiency of the FCIN, disputes arising from an operational perspective and direction and control of officers within the FCIN.

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