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Leaders Unlocked Lockdown Survey

Leaders Unlocked (a community interest company who specialise in youth consultation and engagement) have launched Policing the Pandemic - a new youth-led project working across England and Wales to:

  • Examine young people’s experiences of policing during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Involve young people in developing solutions to improve the policing approach, now and in the future.

The project asks 13-25 year olds to tell us what they think via a simple questionnaire.  Responses are needed by 5th June 2020:


 Leaders Unlocked web banner 22.05.20

The project will result in a final report and recommendations, co-produced by young people to be promoted widely across the policing sector. The project is being supported by PCCs across 6 force areas (Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, North Yorkshire, Hampshire, Staffordshire, as well as ourselves in North Wales). It is also supported by the NPCC (National Police Chief’s Council, the IOPC (Independent Office of Police Complaints) and Y-Stop.

The project seeks quality rather than quantity, so really wants to encourage young people to take part who are likely to have more first-hand experience of policing and the Criminal Justice System. 

Please let us know by email in light of any questions or queries or alternarively contact Leaders Unlocked directly:


Twitter: @LeadersUnlocked

Facebook: @leadersunlocked

Download the 'Policing the Pandemic' poster here (JPEG)


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