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Invitation to Quote: Independent Review of Hunting In North Wales

The Office of the North Wales Police & Crime Commissioner is now inviting bids from contractors to undertake an Independent Review of Hunting in North Wales on behalf of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The review will consider the current policing response to the Hunting Act, identify good practice and where appropriate, make recommendations for future improvements.  In particular, the independent review will focus on:

  • North Wales Police compliance with National Standards in relation to recording, responding, investigating and prosecuting incidents in connection with fox hunting.
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis of the systems, processes and procedures how well do North Wales Police perform in relation to incidents of fox hunting.
  • Evaluating the challenges for the police and the Crown Prosecution Service arising from an enforcement and prosecutorial perspective due to the current legal position under the Hunting Act 2004.

An invitation to quotation form can be found here. Applicants are requested to provide a full and comprehensive response to each of the technical requirements, detailing how it will be achieved. 

Quotations comprising all the documents requested must be submitted by email to

WarningThe closing time/date for receipt of this quotation is 11.04.22.

Additional clarification, if necessary, can be sought via Hannah Roberts, Commissioning Assistant via