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PCC comment on publication of police performance on tackling VAWG


14 March 2023
Andy Dunbobbin

On the publication of the first benchmark of police performance on tackling violence against women and girls, North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Andy Dunbobbin, commented:

“The public rightly has concerns around police conduct following the appalling crimes of Wayne Couzens and David Carrick. A crucial way we deal with these issues, and allay fears among the public, is by being open and transparent – both around the scale of the problem and how we then act on it. That is why it is important that North Wales Police has published these figures and been open about the changes it is making around vetting, reporting and dealing with complaints. Misogyny has no place in the police service, nor should perpetrators of abuse ever hold any office which is meant to protect others. I know the majority of  officers strive every day to do the right thing and serve their communities, but as Police and Crime Commissioner I am also determined to hold the police to account and will work with the Chief Constable and senior officers to ensure the measures they are putting in place make a difference. We must all do everything we can so that the people of North Wales have confidence in the officers and staff who are there to serve and protect them.”

The PCC and North Wales Police are firmly committed to supporting victims and investigating any allegations swiftly and transparently. However, they recognise that some individuals may prefer reporting to an organisation outside the police. With this in mind, they are encouraging any victims who wish to report sexual violence or domestic abuse, but don’t feel they can contact the police, to report to the Domestic Abuse Safety Unit (DASU) or the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (RASASC). These organisations will provide independent advice, advocacy and can make a third-party report on their behalf should they wish.  

To report any incidents to DASU or RASASC, members of the public should contact:

RASASC - 01248 670628 or by email:

DASU - 01492 534705 or email them via their website: Contact Us / Refer to our Services » DASU North Wales