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PCC statement on Stephen Lawrence Day 2023


20 April 2023
AD at desk

“It is important today that we remember Stephen Lawrence’s life and legacy on the 30th anniversary of his murder. At this moment, I would like to pay special tribute to his family and friends, who have worked tirelessly through the past three decades in their fight for justice, recognition and change. Their bravery and determination have made a real difference.

"Stephen’s death in 1993, and the events that followed, were a watershed moment in highlighting institutional racism within the police service. Since then, much has changed and there is now greater understanding, acknowledgment and action around tackling racism and prejudice. However, recent cases in the Met and elsewhere show us that this work is far from finished.  We have much more to do to ensure that all people are treated equally in policing and in our society.

"The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, and its annual commemoration of Stephen’s life, aims to promote a fair and impartial society where people can live their lives without prejudice and discrimination, regardless of their race or background. The campaign focuses particularly on what can be achieved through positive work in our communities. This important community message is one that I am passionate about in my role as Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales. I believe all our communities across the region can support and learn from each other in creating a more just society.

"Thirty years on, we remember Stephen as a symbol of the devastating impact of hate crime, but also we remember him as a symbol of the change we all want to see happen. As PCC I will continue to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion both within policing and within our communities and urge you all to do your part – today and every day going forward."

Andy Dunbobbin,

North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner