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Modern Slavery

If you want to report an instance of modern slavery

Modern Day Slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 introduced the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner whose role it is to encourage good practice in:

  • The prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of slavery and human trafficking offences.
  • The identification of victims of those offences.

The prevention of this crime and the protection of victims is very much a priority for North Wales Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Signs of Modern Slavery

  • Physical Appearance - Victims may appear malnourished and starved and scruffy; unclean with poor hygiene; acutely tired and exhausted; drugged or drunk; have incorrect clothing or equipment for the job.
  • Psychological Trauma - Victims may appear fearful or scared; anxious or stressed; angry or agitated; withdrawn; traumatised; confused; unable to make themselves understood.
  • Isolation - Victims may appear withdrawn; unable to communicate effectively; unable to understand you; unable to speak English; have someone else speak on their behalf.
  • Poor Living Conditions - Victims may appear to be living at a place of work; to be living in an overcrowded house; to be living in a dilapidated caravan or outbuilding; living in a place with blacked-out windows; have no heating or running water; live somewhere that is clearly not fit to live in.
  • Restricted Freedom - Victims may appear; unable to come and go freely; be reluctant to leave their situation; be unable to find or show identity documents such as a passport or bank account details; be in debt to or dependent on someone else; be unwilling to handle money; to be in places where doors are locked on the outside.
  • Reluctant to Seek Help - Victims may appear reluctant to talk to you; reluctant to being helped by you or others; reluctant to leave their situation; fearful of you or the authorities; fearful of reprisal from someone else; unable to prove their legal status to be in the UK.
  • Unusual Travel Times - Victims may appear to travel at unusual times; travel very early in the morning or late at night; have transportation to and from work provided for them; have to pay for the transport.

What should you do if you have suspicions about modern slavery?

If something looks or feels wrong, or if you are concerned for the someone’s safety, make the call. Here’s how:

Ways to Report Modern Slavery in North Wales

North Wales Police Modern Slavery Statement