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What we spend and how we spend it

Financial Information

Budget of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

All anticipated revenue source

Budget allocated to North Wales Police

Planned Precept and Responses from Police and Crime Panel

Medium Term Financial Plans which includes the Draft Precept, Financial Planning and Reserve Strategy

Council Tax Leaflet

 Capital Strategy (including the Treasury Management)

Statement of Accounts

Statement of Accounts


All expenditure over £500 (these have been procured in accordance with the Police and Crime Commissioner's Financial Regulations to ensure value for money).

Publication of Payment Performance Statistics

Public sector bodies are required to provide statistics showing our payment performance in relation to suppliers of goods and services:

As part of our commitment to ethical supply chains, our statistics for the current year are provided here.

Previous statistics are available here.

Commissioning, Contracts, tendering, procurement and grants


Pay and Grading structure

Senior Salaries

The ratio highest paid member of staff : median pay of the OPCC = 1:2.35

Post Profiles


Audited Accounts

Auditors opinions

Auditors reports

Annual Accounting statement 

Statement of Accounts

Joint Audit Committee Annual Reports