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What our priorities are and how we are doing

What is the Police and Crime Plan?

The Police and Crime Plan focuses on the key areas the force will be expected to deliver on – issues that matter to local people, alongside other national policing requirements.

The policing priorities for North Wales are:

Delivering safer neighbourhoods

  • Tackle and prevent rural and wildlife crime
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of police officers and police staff
  • Improve road safety

Supporting victims and communities

  • Tackle and prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence
  • Safeguard vulnerable people including children
  • Tackle and prevent cybercrime
  • Establish a victims panel
  • Tackle and prevent Hate Crime

Fair and effective Criminal Justice System

  • Introduce a North Wales Female Offender Strategy
  • Increase the use of Restorative Justice
  • Support and protect children and young people and divert them away from the Criminal Justice System
  • Address the root causes of offending and support the rehabilitation ofpeople who have offended

Key National Priorities for Policing

An explanation will be provided of the Force’s contribution and performance to achieving improvements against the key national policing priorities.

The national policing priorities are:

  • Reduce murder and other homicides
  • Reduce serious violence
  • Disrupt drugs supply and county lines
  • Reduce neighbourhood crime
  • Tackle cyber crime
  • Improve satisfaction among victims with a particular focus on victims of domestic abuse

Additional information on the key national policing priorities can be found by accessing the links below:

At present the performance against the key national policing priorities is not yet available as we are awaiting national publication but it will be published as soon as it is received.

Easy Read:

The Police and Crime Commissioner has written a Police and Crime Plan.
The Plan sets out the most important things that North Wales Police need to do.

The Plan looks at how North Wales Police will deal with the things that are important to the people who live in North Wales. The Plan also looks at how North Wales Police will follow national rules on policing.

Click here to see what the Police & Crime Commissioner wants the police to do in North Wales.

Policing objectives for North Wales

Progress made in meeting the objectives within the Police and Crime Plan

Reports on service provision, performance assessments and operational assessment

 Reports by external inspectors and auditors                       

Statistical information provided to the Police and Crime Commissioner

Privacy Impact Assessments

  • If any privacy impact assessment are undertaken they will be published subject to exemptions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000