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Checkpoint Cymru

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Based on the premise of out of court disposals and our offender management principles, Checkpoint Cymru aims to provide a credible alternative to prosecution, by identifying and supporting relevant needs and the ‘critical pathways’ out of crime, with the result being that low and medium adult offenders are diverted away from the Criminal Justice System, whilst also addressing the underlying causes of their offending behaviour.

Checkpoint contract

Checkpoint is a voluntary adult offender project but this will result in an exit from the criminal justice system should the bespoke and individually tailored ‘contract to engage’ be complied with; a failure to complete the Checkpoint contract will result in formal court proceedings being invoked. Checkpoint uses specialist Navigators who prepare, co-ordinate and deliver these individually tailored contracts and support offenders to engage with support services to tackle the underlying causes of their offending.

How it works…

Once the offender has been interviewed, and the investigative officer process finished, they are released and given an appointment with a person we are calling a “Navigator”.

The offender meets with the navigator to discuss their needs and agree a contract, which lasts for four months. The contract is tailored to each person and can have up to five conditions.

There are guidelines for who is eligible for the Checkpoint programme:

  1. The offender must be over 18
  2. The offender must live in North Wales
  3. The offence must have taken place within North Wales
  4. The offence must be suitable for an out of court disposal
  5. The offender must not be subject to a court order or be on police/court bail
  6. There must be an admission of guilt or sufficient evidence to charge
  7. The subject must agree to participate.