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North Wales Police & Crime Plan wins praise for prioritising children and young people


21 October 2022

In a report published last month by the National Youth Advocacy Service [NYAS], the North Wales Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC)’s Police & Crime Plan was identified as good practice in a number of areas focusing on the protection of care-experienced children and young people.

The North Wales Police and Crime Plan centres on the key areas the Force is expected to deliver on. These are issues that matter both to local people and which also reflect national policing requirements.

Among the NYAS report, 43 Police & Crime Plans from Police & Crime Commissioner Offices across the UK were analysed to identify areas where support for care-experienced children and young people had been prioritised in line with NYAS campaign recommendations.

The North Wales Police & Crime Plan was positively referenced within the report for:

  • Explicitly mentioning children in care and care leavers as priority groups
  • Addressing the notion of ‘ending the life-long stigma of criminal records’ and the negative connotations criminal records may have on a young person’s future

The plan was also listed as ‘best practice’ under the ‘protection’ theme of the NYAS Trouble with the Law campaign recommendations. This included a part of the plan that prioritises holding independent return home interviews as a statutory requirement in instances where children are reported missing.

Police & Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin said: “I am proud that our plan to cut crime and protect residents and visitors to North Wales has been recognised at a national level.

“The priorities in my plan were identified following a public consultation and are there to serve young people as well as adults, as I appreciate different age groups can sometimes have different needs and requirement within policing.

“Recent work in awarding funding to youth-related groups and activities, such as the Your Community, Your Choice initiative, and my Innovate to Grow scheme show how seriously I take the importance of working with children and young people and encouraging responsible behaviour.

“I would like to thank NYAS and look forward to continuing efforts to keep children and young people out of the criminal justice system.”