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PCC meets group helping King’s Road regain its crown


On November 7, North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin visited King’s Road in West Shore, Llandudno to meet members of the Friends of King’s Road, a recently formed group which is working to improve the area’s amenities for local residents and change past perceptions of the street among some in the town.

The group is very much a community-based and community-led organisation. It was founded in May this year as a self-governing, not-for-profit, voluntary community group to make a positive change in the area. Among activities it has organised so far are days out, events, fundraisers and other ways of benefiting the community; most recently, for example, by holding a Halloween Party for local children at the Trinity Centre.

During his visit to King’s Road, Andy Dunbobbin was joined by local PCSOs Sarah Curry and Chris O’Melia from North Wales Police, who were welcomed by Friends of King’s Road Chair, Clara-Rose Molloy, fellow members Paula and Sian, as well as Gini Rivers of the Friends of Mostyn Street, who was there to lend support from other community groups in the town. The PCC went for a walk around of the area to meet local residents and see achievements so far.

The group then gathered for a sit-down discussion nearby at the Trinity Centre. This was to further understand the aims of the group, how it aims to show the pride local residents have in the community and how they hope to see it develop. A key aim is for the Friends to include young people, both as a means of addressing potential anti-social behaviour in the area, but also to ensure young residents’ voices are heard. With this in mind the Friends have created a Kids’ Committee to directly include children and young people in decisions that will affect the area.

Andy Dunbobbin, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales, commented: “It was great to meet the Friends of King’s Road and to hear more about the pride they have in living in such a close-knit, warm and welcoming community. I was also pleased to hear about the fantastic work they are doing to improve the look and feel of the road and their work to provide activities for young people and reduce any anti-social behaviour in the area. Supporting victims and communities, and delivering safer neighbourhoods, are two of the key pledges in my Police and Crime Plan and it is excellent to see these aims being reflected in the work of the Friends of King’s Road. I wish them every success!”

Clara-Rose Molloy, Chair, Friends of King’s Road, commented: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to enhance the lives of our community's youth through our initiatives, which encourage experiences beyond their immediate surroundings. By fostering meaningful connections between the elderly and the young, we aim to create an intergenerational support system built on mutual understanding and friendship. We remain dedicated to cultivating an environment where every individual, irrespective of age, can thrive and contribute to the fabric of our vibrant community.”

King’s Road has a rich history as one of the first areas of social housing in the town of Llandudno. The first properties were built at the close of the 19th century, but the main bulk of homes were built for returning servicemen and their families starting in 1920, following the end of the First World War. This was part of the call for ‘Homes Fit for Heroes’ made by Prime Minister – and MP for Llandudno – David Lloyd George towards the end of the war. Two homes in this section of the road had commemorative stones laid on 8th October 1920 by Dame Margaret Lloyd George, wife of the Prime Minister; and Mrs E. R. Woodhouse, wife of the Chairman of Llandudno Urban District Council as a mark of the pride the town had in providing quality, affordable homes for local people.

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