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Powerful anti-social behaviour awareness film launches in North Wales


January 30 saw the premiere of an impactful new film, ‘Enough is Enough’, at the Empire Cinema in Holyhead. Funded by the Safer Streets Fund, the film aims to raise awareness of the serious effects of anti-social behaviour (ASB) among year 8 school pupils across Wales.

‘Enough is Enough’ dramatises real-life events involving a young person caught up in ASB activities that quickly escalate out of control. The film explores relevant themes like peer pressure and social media influence amongst young people and aims to highlight how activity that teenagers may see as harmless fun can easily spiral, with serious penalties.

The film was funded through the Safer Streets Fund, which is a Home Office programme that encourages Police and Crime Commissioners and local authorities to bid for investment for initiatives to prevent neighbourhood crime.

Following the premiere, which was attended by North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Andy Dunbobbin, North Wales Police’s Schools Police Officers will use the film as part of a lesson plan delivered to 12-14 year olds as part of the Wales Police Schools Programme (WPSP), which is a partnership initiative working with Welsh Government to achieve a reduction in the levels of crime and disorder within our young communities.

The accompanying ‘Enough is Enough’ education lesson had been trialled by several police officers in different schools in North Wales between September and December 2023 to ensure its quality with the film and lesson plan launching in the Holyhead area partly to address concerns around antisocial acts affecting residents. In November 2023, the PCC visited Holyhead to hear concerns around ASB crime in the area and to discuss measures to support young people in the town.

Anna Mitchell, North Wales Police Regional WPSP Manager said: “‘Enough is Enough’ is a relatable film which reflects victims’ real-life experiences of anti-social behaviour and explores the boundaries between fun and fear. Designed to challenge mindsets and attitudes, it is both humorous and emotive.

“We follow the journey of Aron, a likeable young person who is influenced by his group of friends to cause nuisance to others ‘for a laugh’ and to gain ‘likes’ on social media, but when his rowdy neighbours start to seriously affect his own family, he soon realises it’s gone too far and he needs help. 

“In this exciting new educational input delivered by our team of Schools Police Officers, pupils discuss the types of ASB they have seen or heard about in their communities and identify examples of ASB in the film. They explore the long-lasting, harmful effects of ASB on key characters and learn about the crimes and consequences associated with ASB and find out where to find advice and support.

“We’re extremely proud of the film and it’s been great to receive positive feedback from learners and teachers. The positive engagement between students and their Schools Police Officers is crucial in building safe communities, and through these impactive preventative educational inputs our mission is to prevent young people from offending, and to keep them out of the criminal justice system.”

North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin stated: “This film brings to light the very real issues surrounding anti-social behaviour in a way that resonates with young audiences who may not fully grasp the consequences.

“Tackling ASB remains a priority, and I will continue to work with the Force to seek innovative methods to increase understanding and prevent harmful behaviour among some of our young people.

“By combining a relatable film with open discussion of legal consequences, we hope to prevent behaviours before they start.”

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