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What we spend and How we spend it



Financial Information

Budget of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

All anticipcated revenue source


Budget allocated to North Wales Police

Planned Precept and Responses from Police and Crime Panel


Medium Term Financial Plans
which includes the Draft Precept, Financial Planning and Reserve Strategy


Council Tax Leaflet


Capital Strategy



Treasury Management (as from 2019 the Treasury Management is included with the Capital Strategy above)


Statement of Accounts



All expenditure over £500 (these have been procured in accordance with the Police and Crime Commissioner's Financial Regulations to ensure value for money).

Commissioning, Contracts, tendering, procurement and grants

Crime and Disorder Grants
Details of contracts currently being tendered
All contracts that exceed £10,000
List of contracts under £10,000, legal transactions and waivers to standing orders


Police and Crime Commissioner and Guide to Police and Crime Commissioner Expenses
Chief Executive
Chief Finance Officer
Joint Audit Committee Members

Pay and Grading structure

Senior Salaries

Police and Crime Commissioner
Chief Executive 
Chief Finance Officer
Chief Officer Pay and Rewards
The ratio highest paid member of staff : median pay of the OPCC = 2.5:1

Post Profiles

Chief Executive
Chief Finance Officer


Audited Accounts


 Auditors opinions


 Auditors reports


 Annual Accounting statement 



Joint Audit Committee Annual Reports





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